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Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Slim: A Smaller, More Affordable Console

Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Slim

It's no secret that one of the strategies Sony has been pursuing with its console releases since the first generation is to offer slim iterations. These consoles usually come with similar performance to the original version, only with some new things from a smaller size to usually more efficient power consumption. Since a few months ago, with rumors spreading, PlayStation 5 will reportedly get this treatment. Words that turned out to be true after Sony itself confirmed it through an official announcement yesterday evening.

Sony finally officially announced and introduced the Playstation 5 Slim variant, which will come with a volume up to 30% smaller and weighs up to 24% lighter than the previous model version. In terms of design, no longer two, with a divider in the middle, the Playstation 5 Slim now has four interchangeable cover parts. The most exciting part? One of those parts is a separate Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive that you can pair with the Playstation 5 Digital Edition version of the Slim. Sony also emphasized that this new model will slowly but surely replace the old Playstation 5 version once stocks run out.

The PlayStation 5 Slim will launch first in several major countries in November 2023, which will then be followed by other countries. In the United States, the Playstation 5 Slim Physical version is priced at USD 499.99, while the Playstation 5 Slim Digital version at USD 449.99. The separate Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive will retail at USD 79.99.

PlayStation Asia has not confirmed exactly when this Playstation 5 Slim will enter the Southeast Asian market, especially Indonesia. What do you think? Interesting?

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